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Let's Save Some Money - Part 1 of 4 (eek i know...)

Stop worry about retirement! Take things one step at a time! Just save up enough money to buy me nicer treats. As you can see in the picture, money equals treats and treats equal happiness. While your treats might look different than mine, the truth is, getting something you want tends to make most people happy. Set small goals and achieve them before focusing on giant goals like retirement.

4 styles of savings:

1. Cash

2. High Yield Checking Account

3. Investments

4. Retirement


Put a large bowl, basin, or jar on your desk in your bedroom and start trying to fill it. Every morning, empty your pockets and your purse, put some change or some dollar bills in the jar. Always pick up the penny you see on the floor whether or not it is heads up. An upside down penny is just as lucky as a penny with its face up. If you are young, or don't make a lot of money, start small, save a few dollars a day. Set your sights on something realistic - a new bed or toy for your pet, and work to make your pet as happy as I am.

Just like working out, or practicing a new skill (it took me forever to learn to beg), keep saving every day, and soon enough you will achieve your goal.

An easy way to start saving:

Stop going to coffee shops. Take the money you save in the first 2 weeks ($5*10 = $50) and buy a coffee machine and coffee grounds (<$50). Going forward, you should save $20/week (after paying for coffee grounds) which is $1000 over 50 weeks assuming you get 2 weeks off. Take that $1000 and do something fun with it.

Maybe buy a puppy?

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