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Everyday Expenses Which Can Be Avoided

Don't ever skimp on your dog! He/she is the most important person in your life. Your dog should get everything he wants and needs. His/her happiness is paramount. There are however some other expenses you can avoid.

The below are some easy everyday purchases to cut out and how to replace them:

  1. Starbucks (or any other coffee shop). $5/day

  • Buy a coffee machine and make coffee at home. If you regularly buy a banana ($1.25) too, you can buy one of those at the grocery store for a few cents. Annual savings including the cost of a coffee machine and coffee grounds ($1,000).

  1. Restaurants

  • Cut down the amount of food you eat outside the house and replace it with similar items you can make using food bought at the grocery store. Don’t have time to shop, use an online grocery store. A $10 lunch out could be replaced with a sandwich, chips, and a piece of fruit total cost of $(2.00). Savings = $2,000.

  • For dinners, cut down on the number of times per week you go out and replace those meals with homemade dinners. Even if it costs $10-15 to make dinner for one person, that pales in comparison to the cost of dinner in a restaurant.

  1. Alcohol

  • Drinking at restaurants and bars is incredibly expensive. Options include going to dive bars, or drinking outside bars/restaurants altogether. A $10 martini will cost about $3 to make at home.

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