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Our first algorithmically managed SMA was launched in 2013; however, it wasn't until 2015 that GA Pincus Funds, LLC was formed and began taking non-family clients. GA Pincus Funds creates risk weighted target allocations for each client and actively manages those allocations using our proprietary algorithm. 

Unique Risk Profile

Target Allocation

We conduct a 1-on-1 interview with each prospective client to better understand their investment goals. We look at metrics such as but not limited to: investment horizon, age, occupation, salary, family status, and life goals to develop a unique risk profile for each client. 

Each client's risk profile is matched to provide the client with a percentage of risky assets (US Equity, International Equity, Commodities) and non-risky assets (Fixed Income). The specific percentage applied to each asset class is based on the client's unique risk profile. Investments are long-only and exclusively in low cost ETFs.

Algorithmic Management

Our proprietary algorithm enables us to actively manage each client's SMA independently. We have developed custom software to execute the trades indicated by our algorithm. Our algorithm uses mathematical formulas to minimize trading expenses, perform tax loss harvesting, and rebalance portfolios based on stock price movements.

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