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Pincus Perspectives

Each quarter we deliver our current and future clients a newsletter which contains:

 market commentary, company news, performance updates, and additional information. 

Below you can view each of the quarterly newsletters we have distributed:


Below you can find a chart showing the growth of $100,000 if you had invested in our first SMA at its inception (7/1/13). This portfolio was originally allocated 50% to Equity, 45% to Fixed Income and 5% to commodities. During the month of June, 2018, this portfolio was reallocated to be 25% Equity, 67.5% Fixed Income, and 7.5% commodities. In March 2020, this portfolio was reallocated to be 37% Equity, 55.5% Fixed Income, and 7.5% Commodities.

Also available is our Investment Adviser Firm Summary, our Updated Brochure, and our Most recent ADV


Request our fact sheet for additional information

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