Value Through Diversification

GA Pincus Funds is a Texas, New York, & Illinois Registered Investment Advisor that creates Separately Managed Accounts. 


We utilize a proprietary algorithm to actively manage our client’s portfolios. We aim to deliver our clients annual returns that exceed their benchmark net of (after) all fees.

GA Pincus Funds algorithmically manages each portfolio, investing in low cost Exchange Traded Funds, while allowing investors transparent 24/7 real-time access to their accounts.



Our approach to portfolio management involves meeting with clients to create a unique risk assessment, transforming that assessment into a target allocation, and actively managing the target allocation using a proprietary algorithm inside custom software.


Our team works together in unison to deliver the best possible product to our clients. From marketing and PR, to legal and compliance, to sales, operations, and oversight, our team is responsible for managing all facets of our organization.




Each quarter we release a newsletter complete with market commentary, company updates, and performance metrics. We also provide a fact sheet with additional information on our company and our unique strategy.

A New Approach To Portfolio Management

Past, Present, & Future of Investment Management

GA Pincus Funds was created to revolutionize the Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) Industry.

How It Was:

Traditionally, RIAs were salesmen, they found clients and invested their client's assets with third party money managers. Client's assets were invested in products with high fees and clients paid even greater fees to the money managers and RIAs. High fees hurt investors; RIAs got rich.

How It Is:

Recently, the industry has undergone a change. RIAs have found lower cost money managers in the form of robo-advisors and have begun to invest their clients in less expensive products. RIAs have access to a robust suite of technology: portfolio management, auto-rebalancing, CRM, pretty dashboards, enhanced reporting, etc. But these tools come with a price. In order for RIAs to maintain their margins, they pass these fees through to their customers, and investors still get hurt.

The Future @ GA Pincus Funds:

GA Pincus Funds has combined the roles of traditional RIA and money manager. We have built our own technology suite inside our software, GAPTrader. We actively manage our clients assets using a proprietary algorithm within our robust software package. We lowered our investors fees and still maintain healthy margins. We are sustainable. We are the future.


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